$49.95 Flat Fee* Computer Repair

Same Day Emergency Service Available

Free Diagnosis – No fee just to look.

Hours 9:00AM – 6:00PM • Monday – Friday • Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

We will repair any 1 of the following computer problems for just $49.95. Additional services the price is just $25 each. Half Price.

  • Tune-Up & removal of Viruses, Spyware, Adware, and Malware
  • Reinstall computer operating system
  • Data Backup and Transfer
  • Data Recovery
  • Password Removal
  • Repair blue screens & computer lockups
  • Internet & Network troubleshooting
  • Many other Software or labor only services
Hardware related repairs – $49.95 Flat Labor + PLUS PARTS!

  • Broken Screens – Replace screens on laptop, notebook, and tablets
  • Hard Disk Drives – Replace bad hard disk drive and install operating system
  • DC Power Jacks – Replace bad DC Power Jack
  • Upgrade computer hardware
  • Upgrade computer software (software extra)
  • Replace any other necessary parts (parts extra)


Our standard fee to fix any laptop or desktop problem is $49.95. – If your computer will cost more than $49.95 to repair (example: you need parts) we will contact you with a quote for your approval. If you choose not to approve the new quote, we will give your computer back with NO CHARGE. (Note: All other shops will charge you a Bench Fee, even if you refuse to approve an increase in their quote. We do not charge a bench fee and will not charge you if you decide not to fix your computer).

The Computer Hospital repairs all makes and models of laptop and desktop computers. We typically will be able to start working on your computer within the hour of receiving and will most likely have everything done within 24 hours. The exception is when parts need to be ordered which might take 1 to 5 days to receive.

Computer Hospital Utah is a locally owned Sandy City based computer laptop and PC repair company. Located just North of the 90th South intersection on State Street, we are positioned to conveniently service all of Salt Lake City and Utah County areas. Our mission is to provide the fastest and most affordable laptop and PC repair services with a no-hassle, no-surprises, stress free experience. Visit us at our Sandy Utah location or call us at 801-987-3993.
Fast Computer Repair Service


We Fix

Laptop PC's
Desktop PC's

We Sell

New Customized
Home $500-$900
Gaming $1000 - $1900 



Computer Hospital was the best! I took my computer in and they had me out the door and ready within the hour! I highly recommend them!

-J. Harper

My computer was running slow. I took it to another place and they wanted to sell me a new computer. They said mine was too old. Computer Hospital got the viruses off of my computer. The computer now runs fast again. My computer was done the next day. Thanks!

-S. Murphy

I got my computer back in 3 hours! They fixed everything I asked for and fixed a few things I didn't know about. They charged me $49.95 just like they said. It's nice to be charged the same price you were quoted. Will be back for sure.

-C. Scott

*$49.95 covers labor fee. Any parts needed are extra.